• Fly/Cricket Control Treatment


    A fly / cricket is an organism that carries pathogens from one host to another. Flies which belong to the order Diptera are known as vectors and are perhaps the most widespread of all insects .

    Apart from causing annoyance flies are a potential health hazard . The economic importance of the said vectors stems from the fact that these are carriers of a number of dreaded diseases .Flies transmit bacterial diseases such as Salmonella , Typhoid , Cholera , Tuberculosis and Ophthalmia .

    Among the various species of flies , we are concerned with the common house – fly which belongs to two main species – Musca vicino and Musca nebulo – the later being more common
    Houseflies breed in fermenting vegetable and animal matter and other filth without with they cannot exist despite a high reproductive capacity .

    House – flies are prevalent throughout the year but abound during the monsoon when the conditions are favourable for their breeding and living .

    • This treatment is directed against surfaces in and around animal shelters , fly breeding or resting . The preferred indoor night resting sites such as edges , strings , wires etc. are to be covered by residual spray. In warm nights houseflies may prefer exterior surfaces of building fences , trees and shrubs . Hand operated or power operated sprayers and used of residual treatment .
    • Cords and Strips :Insecticides treated cords or strips may be hung from rafters or ceilings . They are suspended under the one meter of cord is used for each square meter of floor space .
    • Space treatment :Indoor treatment is directed towards dwellings , open space and etc. . Outdoors areas to be treated are dumps , recreation sites , garbage containers.
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