• Installation and Maintenance


    Insectocutor is an electrically operated fly / flying insects control equipment which has a black light flourescent tube and an electrified grid . These are housed in a sleek box with a grill and a tray at the bottom . THE FRAME IS POWDER COATED . Hence it looks more attractive .

    Flying insects are attracted by the light emitted by flourescent tubes . The insects are electrocuted and killed while passing through the electrified grid . The dead insects get collected in the tray . The tray can be taken out and clean as and when needed .

    The light rays emitted from the tube are not harmful to human beings , since they are of low frequency as compared to germicidal rays , and have a wave length of 300 nM to 400 nM . The Insectocutor work on single phase AC electric supply of 230 V , 50 Hz.

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