• Rodent Control Treatment


    Rats have lived in close association with man ever since the dawn of civilization when he gave up his nomadic life and settled down to farming and other occupations .

    Inspite of living close to man and sharing his food and his abode , rats have always remained undomesticated . They have destroyed his food , property and carried disease to him and have proved to be his most formidable enemy in the animal kingdom .

    Disinfestation means ridding of vermin infestation by the application of and insecticidal spray . In other words , any physical or chemical process serving to destroy undesired small animal forms particularly arthropods or rodents present in the environment of an individual or domestic animals .

    The objective of disinfestation treatment in a premises is to control the infestation by such pests as Cockroaches , Bedbugs , Silverfish , Book-lice . Red and Black Ants,moths .Good sanitary practices and compliance with good industry practices are fundamental to sanitary pest free operations The cockroach is one of the filthiest of household pests as it stinks worse than any other insect .

    Some important and interesting facts about rats:

    • According to recent estimates the rat population in India is about 5000 million or 6-8 rats per person.
    • 6 rats eat as much food grain as one person and destroy 10 times the quantity they eat .
    • Rats are extremely prolific animals . Under favourable conditions the progeny of one pair of rats in one year can be 800 and in 3 years 350 million.
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