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    Insectocutor is an electrically operated fly / flying insects control equipment which has a black light flourescent


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    Glue Boards are traps used for mice or rodents they consist of tray containing a strong layer


    This trap is baited for fly species which are most common in agricultural areas — including house


  • LPC Services (Pest Control Division) Our quality and reliability make us committed to deliver the same value to our customers not only to retain our brand image, but also add leverage to it by delivering more value added services to our customers. LPC services guidelines for operation are strictly enforced to ensure that all government regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. In addition, service technicians are fully trained to pest control standards, each of which exceeds all industry guidelines.
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  • Why need LPC * Once Considered a whim of the Elite, today Pest control protect one's investment both in domestic and commercial sectors. * Prevents Pest damage to stock. * Prevents contamination of stock. * Timely Pest control based on the adage "Prevention is better than cure". * Elimination of conditions leading to infestation. * Preservation and promotion of health and hygiene is our mantra, hence our services from the backbone of every measure production venture.
  • Importance of Pest Control

    Pest free environment is a pre requisite of any reputed company as it adds value to its organizational setup. Integrated Pest Management Techniques leads to custom – made, efficient and economic solutions to suit every need. Pest Control Activity also draws attention to detail resulting in cost effective services. Pest Control measures are must in also facing various national & International Audits as it makes itself an easy company to do Business with. Environmentally- conscious Company, although we eradicate all potentially harmful pests.

  • Career Interested candidate can mail there resume in info@lpcservices.co.in mentioning the subject as the job profile applying for.


  • LPC Services is our approved contractor for pest and rodent control treatments for our offices. They are rendering service to our organisation since last ten years and we are satisfied with the treatments given by them.

    P&G Manager
  • “I've used LPC Services for over 3 years and they have provided quality service at a reasonable cost. Scott and his employees are professional and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

    HEG Ltd. CEO

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